5 Things Every Young Woman Should Know:

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Hi ladies!!! So glad you found your way back to Brew More Joy. This post you’re about to read is something sincerely from my heart. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Disclaimer: I confess that some of these thoughts and ideas are NOT my own. Throughout my walk with Christ, I have had the opportunity to hear these great points and awesome ideas. Please understand, I am not taking credit for any individuals expressed thoughts.

1. You’re not on this Earth to please those around you. You are here to please God.

Galatians 1:10, “Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

Romans 2:29, “… And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.”

I don’t know about you, but I am so guilty of this. I’m guilty of letting my humanly ways and desires take over. Continuously, I let my mind become consumed with a desire of  ‘being liked.’ I constantly think of ways to please those around me. I for sure don’t want to be the cause of someone else’s discomfort or irritation. So, I change myself to their liking to please them in the moment.

Or – When I feel left out of a group of people or feel misplaced, I tend to let go of who I am to become someone they want me to be. Yet, instead of trusting God with the situation and the circumstance, I completely lose myself for the approval of others.

Comparison is the thief of Joy.

If the one thing you get out of this post is the following statement, then all of the writing would have been worth it. Comparing yourself to others is like telling God that his creation is not good enough. And that is so untrue! He made everything beautiful. Everything He created is to His liking and to His approval. God made you fearfully and wonderfully.

“I am a child of God. My purpose is to serve those around me with a godly character. I need to let go of my pride and human desire to be ‘liked’ and give it all to the Father.”

So, Daughter of God, I encourage you to live by those verses above. Submit yourself and your life to God. Let go and let him take control of every situation. When we can completely surrender every situation to Him, we will experience true peace and joy.

2. The most important things in life are not things; they are loving God and loving people.

Matthew 22:36-40, “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses? Jesus replied, You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

If there is one thing you need to know about me it is this, I LOVE LOVE! I have no idea why I am so passionate about love, but I am! It is so important and so life changing.

Just think about it, God’s love. Have a word to describe it? Personally, I don’t think any word suits it best. It is so beyond what we can even imagine. His love is greater than anything. It is greater than your love for that new makeup palette you just bought, greater than your love for your boyfriend or dog (I get it… some of us are still single), and greater than your love for your family!

Isn’t that crazy!? God’s love is so mighty and powerful that we can’t even describe it. How can I love like that? Now, I don’t mean loving materialistic items… I simply mean loving others.

God has called us to love His people. He even calls them our brothers and sisters. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to love. It’s hard to love your brother when He calls you an offensive name. It’s hard to love your sister when she steals the shoes you were gonna wear that day. Loving is hard, but it’s not impossible.

Showing love can be as simple as holding in that rude comeback, sharing your clothes with your sister, offering to pay for someone else’s coffee, etc.

Loving others is doable when you recognize that you are loved by a King. Expressing love is vitally important to our walk with Christ.

Showing love will not only grow your relationship with Christ but it might just show a lost person the authenticity of Jesus.

Daughter of God, I encourage you to step out of your pride and let the love of God engulf you. Go and love others so radically that they wonder why.

3. God is preparing you for greater things. (His purpose)

Sweet Sister, are you on the verge of giving up? Because often times I am. The past few weeks were filled with nothing but craziness. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed and lost.

At the beginning of the month, I would sit and stare at my planner just to stress about what the month was to bring. I had event after event, and meeting after meeting. On top of this was my school schedule, two work schedules, a new blog schedule, along with my daily to-do lists. My life was looking like a mess. I even got to the point where I was considering dropping a few things just so I could be sure to have time for myself.

Then, I thought of all the reasons why my schedule looked like this. I had to talk it all out with God. He made me realize my individual purpose in each organization or commitment. God showed me that my schedule looked like this because He made it like this.

He created my life in this season to be busy so I can rely on Him more than relying on myself.

God is preparing you for greater things. Right now, in your season, wherever you are, you may not be feeling this way. You may be feeling overwhelmed, messy, or insignificant. However, let me encourage you to seek God every day until you start to see His greatness shine through.

Greater things are not about us. They are about the Kingdom of God. Greater things take time. Yet, our humanly ways hate that fact that we have no control over timing. Time might be putting your faith to the test. BUT, do not focus on what hasn’t happened – focus on what has happened. If you’ve seen God do it before, He can do it again.

“Obedience is your responsibility; the outcome is God’s.” – unknown

4. Some of your most intimate moments will be with God – not your husband.

Interesting to think about, right? Does the single life have you going crazy?

Think about this. Our most intimate moments could be spent with God and not our significant other.

Right now, I too am experiencing the single life. Not a big deal though. I don’t have to worry about another person and meshing our lives together. I can just chill and focus on my life and my relationship with Christ.

However, I don’t necessarily see this as “my fault.” I see my single-life as a blessing from God. Sometimes when I get a little annoyed with being single, I remind myself that right now in this season of my life, God needs me to focus on preparing myself for the right man.

During the first week of January, I attended a Student Mobilization Conference. I had the incredible opportunity to hear Kim Vollendorf speak. Kim spoke some real truth into my heart. She recently came out with a book, “Loving Your Husband Before You Even Have One.” After her breakout session, I began to ponder the truth that all of my intimate moments are in fact with God.

Here are a few points she made during her breakout:

“The choices you make now affect the quality of your relationship in the future.”

“Find strength and encouragement in God, not in man.”

“Do not look for a guy who can fix anything. Instead, look for God.”

“An intimate relationship with the one who made you will satisfy you and sustain you.”

When I reviewed the points after SMC, I began to recognize my own struggle with pursuing men. However, I don’t necessarily ‘flirt’ (mainly because I don’t know how to) but, I do occasionally seek out men before seeking out my Father. Now, that is just unfair.

How is it okay for me to seek a relationship with a man before engaging in the most fulfilling relationship with my Heavenly Father? That’s something I’ve done wrong.

However, looking back on my few years as a follower of Christ, I recognize each moment that has contained pure intimacy and my connection with Christ. From the deep, dark moments in the valleys to the happy, sunshine moments on the top of the mountains. I am so incredibly grateful.

(my personal thoughts):

So, Daughter of God, I encourage you to STOP pursuing a man who could ‘fix your problems/insecurities’ or ‘fulfill your needs.’ Instead, direct your eyes to the one who created you. Grow in knowledge of God so you can feel closer to him. Take the initiative to let go and let God.

P.S. Kim just released her book. It’s now available via Amazon, ITunes, NOOK, and Kindle!!!

5. You are not confined to one particular role but you are to demonstrate the capacity of living a life filled with purpose.

Women on A Mission. That is what we are.

Our roles as women are many. We work, go to school, provide for our children/families, serve others, etc. So, it only makes sense for us to rely on God throughout it all to provide us with the capacity of strength that we need.

1 Peter 4:10, “You have received a gift, use it to serve others.”

When we can look at our job and recognize it as an act of service that will bring God glory then our mood will change, our perspective will shift, and our lives will be influenced. God has designed us all with an individual passion, purpose, & potential. NOT for our benefit BUT for His.

“Take time to align your actions so that they reflect your passions. If you’re finding that you’re not as passionate about things, dig into your purpose. If you’re finding it difficult to dig into your purpose, follow your passions because on that path is where your purpose is waiting to be discovered.”                                                                     – unknown

Our purpose as women is to identify our purpose as who we are serving, who are we loving, and following God wholeheartedly. When we follow God, He will lead us through a life filled with purpose.

How do we get there? How can we as women discover our individual purpose and passion?

We simply need to let go of our pride and see God as the one who holds all. Let Him be the King of your life. Let Him in. He will wreck you up only to build you back up into a Godly-woman who loves Him and loves His people.

Traits of a Godly Woman: Strength, Confidence, Wisdom, an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Do you identify with any of the traits above? What do you say are your most identified traits?


Comment below some encouraging words for your sisters in Christ!!

xoxo, Mo Tarp

8 thoughts on “5 Things Every Young Woman Should Know:”

  1. Wow, every single one of these is so relatable. Sometimes it can be difficult to trust in God’s plan for me, especially at whatever present season I’m in, but the reminder that His plan is greater is just so sweet. Thanks for sharing this!

    Sydney Meek | meeklyloving.wordpress.com

  2. Girl, you have totally hit the nail on the head!! I’m still going through and improving on every single one of these points. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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