Brew in the New Year


I don’t know about you but, I am PUMPED for 2018. Usually, on New Year’s days I don’t ever get excited for the NY. YET, this year is different. Not sure why.. maybe bc I feel like an actual adult?? Haha!

The Resolution:

Just like any other person out there, I have been contemplating my NY Resolution. At first, I started out with a silly one. “Try all the local coffee shops. ” yes.. you read that right…

So, my pal, Bre and I created a list! Turns out there are 18 coffee shops in our smallish area! Not too bad, right? For a years time? But, then I started thinking.. let’s make it a statewide coffee shop resolution!!                                                                    Yeah, I may have gotten carried away. I am so pumped though!!

Aside from all the fun, I actually did think of a not so crazy goal in mind. Yet, it’s not really a goal. It’s more of a challenge or expectation I would like to hold to myself. & that’s reading the Bible more.

So, for the past few months now, I have actually ditched my paper-bible for the digital-bible app. Now don’t get me wrong! The Bible app is an excellent resource! I honestly love it. Yet, I find myself time and time again just reading words off my phone and not fully engaging with God’s word.

Honestly, it frustrates me a bit. So, I’ve decided to take action. I need to be more diligent about how I spend my time with God. Because honestly, I can’t be expecting him to show up and speak to me when I can barely stay attentive during my devotion time.

So, my new expectation of myself is to ditch the Bible app and focus on fully engaging into the paper-bible!!

I’ve found that if you feel lost or stuck in your walk with Christ, switching up ways to engage with Him IS a good thing AND you should try it! Find ways like using a set devotion plan, free-reading the Bible, painting bible verses, start a journal, etc.          There are a ton of ways we can engage and learn more about him. We just have to be willing to try new things!

He is always there and is always watching us. We just sometimes have to find ways to gain better sight of Him.

So, with all that said…. I am so ready to let God BREW MORE JOY!

So, let’s be pumped together to see what God has to bring this coming year. I’m sure it’s going to be full of love and grace, lots of saving, and I hope lots of coffee!!


God bless you all and I wish you all the very best in 2018.

What’s your NY Resolution? How can I encourage you to reach it? Comment down below your plans for the New Year!


Xoxo, Mo Tarp

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