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Oh December, how I love you!

December was quite the month for me. It was the end of my first semester at college. WOOHOO! My first semester was exciting, stressful, and full of new friendships. I learned more about myself in one semester versus an entire 18 years prior. Crazy how that works.

Now coming to the end of the year and to the start of a new one, (c’mon 2018, let’s make it big) I find myself reminiscing on everything that brought me joy this winter season. December, you have been good to me. Now, lets recap.


Ok, ok, ok, this month, I was totally obsessed with these two clothing items: Leopard Booties and Ripped Jean Jacket. Y’all.. when I spotted these two beauts in the store, I. about. died.

Lately, I have been wanting to find my *style*. I wanted to discover what made me comfortable and stylish at the same time. & these two items lived up to that expectation.

The booties had a leopard print that I had been searching for FOREVER!! So, when I spotted them, it was a ‘get them or you’ll regret it’ type of thing.

Ya know? No?.. I can’t be the only one to experience that voice in my head!!

The pearl accent on the jean jacket made me feel so hipster and girly at the same time! IN LOVE.

 Click Here To Shop The Jacket

Click Here To Shop The Booties

Aviary Photo_131592209281636450Aviary Photo_131592210682389439

jacket link:

shoe link:


For the month of December, I actually ran out of foundation and found myself too lazy to go buy some. So, for the past month I actually haven’t been wearing much makeup. But when I do, I ALWAYS have to swipe on some of my NYX lipstick. I personally  love ‘NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.’ It is SO easy to apply and I absolutely love the color selection they have.

Nyx lipstick in Rome

lippie link:

This shade of lipstick was perfect for all the vibes I was feeling for the winter-time.

Nail polish  (I had my nails painted EVERYDAY)

To be completely honest with you.. In the past I never kept up with my nails. Actually, I was a nail biter. Yep. I confess. BUT, I would like to state that I am beyond that stage in my life (even if it was just a few short months ago.) This month has been such an improvement for me. I found myself making sure my nails were painted just so I wouldn’t be tempted to mess with them.

Although, finals week did get to me and I started chipping them off, but I am back on it with the always painted rule!!

nail link: 

The nail brands listed above are a few of my favs! I just find that each of them dry quickly (bc if they don’t then my nails are gonna be a MESS. I always have a tempting urge to touch everything once I paint my nails! Haha, anyone else??) and leave a sleek finished look!


  1. coooofffeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM

coffee close-upHere are a few other favs of mine that couldn’t quite make their own section. Every season is coffee season!! RIGHT?

My December actually consisted of quite a few different coffees. Yet, I found myself dreaming of the oh so popular Peppermint White Mocha.

I love it from starbs or just in a creamer at home (or in my small dorm room lol).

coffee links: 

2. Anyone else always need to have their car on #smellgoodstatus. BC I DO!! I am constantly looking for different brands, styles, scents, etc. just to keep my car smelling fresh. Currently, I love the scent ‘Flannel’ from Bath & Body Works. When I found it in a car scent, I snatched that baby up real quick. It was such a strong and pleasant scent that it actually lasted me a good few weeks!

car scent link: Here are a few of my winter/fall fav scents!

3. Within the past few months, I have taken up a new-found hobby, reading. I even got a library card to my local library! Crazy!! However, this month I recently discovered ‘Half Priced Books’ and I am so glad I did. That place is my new spot. It has almost any book I can think of! I could spend hours in there.. Ok, maybe I’ve already done it.

‘Love Does by Bob Goff’ is a book I started reading in November and finished early December. You guys.. I fell in love with that book. It is my second top fav. The stories are written with such detail and passion that it was so hard to turn away from. I found myself telling everyone about the book. It was so crazy good.polarredit.jpgbook link:

I Highly recommend if ya can’t tell!!

4. Last but not least, my other new-found interest is painting! I am a broke college gal. So, when I decided I wanted to give my friends and family a Christmas, I searched and searched for things I could throw together and still save money. Nothing pleased my interests. Until.. Black Friday! I discovered that Michaels was having a great sale on canvases, brushes, and paint. So, I decided that I was going to paint individual canvases for my friends. Each one would describe what I thought of them.

~ I have no paintings photographed bc they were all gifts! ~

Links of items (similar) to what I used:

Goodbye December, It was good while it lasted. See ya next year!


What’s one of your go-t fashion favs? Any fav books or coffee beverages I need to be trying?! Let me know down in the comments below!!

xoxo, Mo Tarp

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  1. I’d have loved to have seen your finished paintings! What a lovely idea.

    As for books, if you don’t mind reading them electronically, then you might want to sign up to BookBub. I get at least one free book a day from them. The rest are incredibly cheap. Whilst I haven’t read any yet, they’re all highly rated titles on Amazon and Google Play.

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