How to Fake Lettering (calligraphy)


Have you ever wondered how people are so artistic? You see all those cutesy handwriting pins on Pinterest. Nowadays, so many people are in to it! It’s everywhere! On tapestry, home decor, etc. I see it everywhere! On Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter! I’m completely amazed at other people’s creativity!

Did you know there is a simple way to fake it? Being able to write in a beautiful cursive is no longer just luck, skill, or simply in the ‘genes’!

However, there is just one very important rule: practice makes perfect.

I know, I know. Practice takes up time. So, let me give you my 3 quick tips for perfecting calligraphy or lettering in a matter of 30 minutes tops. (30 mins to an hour if you’re a perfectionist like me)


Step 1: Gameplan!

Head over to Pinterest . Now, this step is simple. You need to create a board for calligraphy. Mine is simply called ‘calligraphy’ haha. Check it out here.

Now, you need to start pinning. You need to come up with what you are going to callig. For instance, I usually ALWAYS callig. bible verses or quotes. If that’s not your style OR if that’s a little long for you to try out. I recommend starting out with a word or two or even a short phrase! I would nail down this part of the step FIRST.

Next, I simply just search ‘calligraphy’ in the search box. I usually will spend a good few minutes until I find fonts that I think would be A) easy to sketch and B) match up with my idea for the quote/word/or whatever you picked out.

My absolute favorite thing about doing calligraphy is throwing in cute graphics. I love to add a simple banner or floral circle and vines. However, like stated above. Decide what your theme is and then you can add in an additional Pinterest search of ‘graphics.’


Step 2: Collect Your Tools!

Depending on if this is your first time or not, you will want a few tools by your side. My usual tools include: *If you have legit calligraphy pens then ditch the sharpies and pens!*

  1. Sharpie’s (multiple, either fine point or ultra-fine) – used to put final touches together, fill in any shaded spots.
  2. Ruler (I used this A LOT as a beginner) – used in beginning (with pencil) to make any lines straight and precise.
  3. Pencil and Eraser – FIRST utensil to take advantage of. Sketch, sketch, sketch! Nail down your plan in pencil FIRST.
  4. Black Ink Pens – *optional*,  I personally use these now instead of pencils. But, it’s honestly up to you and your comfort.


Step 3: Finish It OFF!

You’re done! All you need to do now is use your eraser or white-out to fix your small mistakes. I tend to have make things bigger because I end up going outside the lines haha. But, now you have finished your cheat sheet to how to get the ‘perfect calligraphy’ handwriting.

If this was something you enjoyed, I recommend practicing. I promise practice makes perfect and soon you’ll find yourself attempting fonts and designs you never imagined.












Alright friend, put that paper and pen to use! Comment down below your creations with calligraphy/lettering!!

xoxo, Mo Tarp



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