The Goodness of God.

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Let me tell you about our GLORIOUS, GRACIOUS, and GOOD God.

I recently started reading the book ‘Wild and Free’ by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. I came across some really good stuff and wanted to share my view point on it.

God is..

Did you know that today’s society misuses the word good? Did you know the whole meaning lost its full effect? Many people use the word to describe things that lack fulfillment of the legit definition of good.

Good – of the highest worth, pleasure-giving, happy,  not small or deficient (full, complete),  serviceable, adequate, and sufficient.

Ex: ‘God is Good‘ meaning God is not small. God is complete. God is of highest worth. ‘His grace is good‘ meaning His grace is pleasurable and sufficient. ‘The goodness of God’ means that the perfection of his character which he freely gives to us according to our multiple circumstances.

The word good simply relates to the Hebrew word Tobh. Tobh has various meanings such as pleasant, rich, beautiful, better, and best. God uses the word good to describe everything He created.

“Light, good. Darkness, good. Land, good. Air, good. Sea, good. Animals, good. Man, good. Woman, good.” (Wild & Free Connolly & Morgan)

How crazy is that? To sit here and rethink every time you used the word good. I actually regretted a few times I used the word ‘good‘ to describe something other than the only one who can give me fulfillment, pleasure, and true happiness. Instantly, I regretted that each sentence that came to mind actually disgraced the legitimate meaning of good. I found myself describing ungodly things, materialistic items, and human-desires as a proper example of the word good. Oh.. how I was wrong.



Now, I look to every song and every bible verse with the word good in it, and I replace it with the word and meaning tobh.

Ex: The lyrics of ‘Good, Good Father’ by Chris Tomlin.

“You’re a Good, Good Father
It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are
And I’m loved by you..”

Simply replace the word good with the words pleasant, rich, beautiful, better, and best. It’ll look like this:

“You’re a Pleasant, Pleasant Father..”

“You’re a Rich, Rich Father..”

“You’re a Beautiful, Beautiful Father..”

“You’re a Better, Better Father..”

“You’re a Best, Best Father..”

Ok, maybe some of them don’t sound that great as a song or a sentence, but you get the idea.

Our Father is pleasant. He is not a fearful, angry, or uncomfortable God. He is enjoyable. When you experience his presence, you will be satisfied with complete joy and pleasure. He is good.

God is also rich. He is rich in love, mercy, and grace. What he has is endless and abundant. He is never-ending. He is valuable and of high worthy.

Believe it or not, no matter how girly it sounds, God is beautiful. He truly is. The presence of God is beautiful. The creations of God are beautiful (that includes you! YOU are beautiful!).

A ‘better’ Father. God came into my life to be the better father that I needed. He unveiled his love and salvation. He showed me that my earthly Father will never and could never provide me with what God can provide me. Most of all, He showed me what my Heavenly Father looks like. And that is better..

God is the best of all things. He is the best Father. His love is the best. His word is the best. He. Is. The. BEST.


He is Here.

Even in our time of hurt and loss, he is still good.

When we are distracted by hurt or loss we get confused because sometimes we can’t feel God. We can’t feel that goodness He promises us. We simply feel alone.

Last week, I had to learn how to prepare myself for the event of “loss.” As a matter of fact, I’m still trying to understand how one copes with it. It is a complete struggle. But, I keep reminding myself that God is here and his goodness will be fulfilled.

At one point, I was in my car at a loss for words to describe to God how I felt. Repeatedly, I told Him, “I can’t feel you. I cannot go through this on my own.” Then, I flipped through my journal. I stopped on one of the very first pages titled: Jesus is HERE.

This title was a chapter from the book ‘Jesus Is’ by Judah Smith. I read over the content that I had written in my journal. Tears started falling at a rapid rate. Honestly, I probably read over that page 20+ times. I was completely compelled by the Spirit of God.

Line after line it stated:

“God is with us, and he is for us. This is the gospel.” “In the darkest part of your journey, the thing that will keep you full of life, peace, and happiness is the gospel.” Psalms 23:4, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me.”

“Jesus gives us grace to stand and say, “It is well with my soul,” because He is here. In the midst of loss and death, our souls can find rest and life.”

John 11:35, “Jesus doesn’t scorn our grief. He weeps with us.”

“Jesus brings life out of death, hope out of sorrow, and turns mourning into joy.”

Jesus is always here.


Dealing with situations that affect your emotions is hard. We tend to lean on our own human ways and thoughts. But, I encourage you to seek out the Lord and His word. For, He will weep with you, He will bring you understanding, and He will show you the way.


God Is Good.


Books Mentioned:

Jesus Is: Find a New Way to Be Human

Wild and Free: A Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough


Hey friend!! How are ya?! Life treating you good? Let me know how I can pray for you in the comments below or go to my contact me page and submit a message there! I’d love to help out in any way I can. 

xoxo, Mo Tarp



  1. Connolly, Jess, and Hayley Morgan. “Chapter 5/Our Eden Identity: Created as Wild and Good.” Wild and Free: a Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She Is Both Too     Much and Never Enough, Zondervan, 2016, pp. 101–101.

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